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Literary Blogs from DC, MD, VA, DE and WV

Applies to Oranges
Blog from Maureen Thorson, aka "Reenhead,"editor of Big Game Books.

Arts and Letters Daily
Articles, New books, essays and opinion from The Chronicle of Higher Education in DC. Their motto: "Veritas odit moras," or "Truth hates delay."

Art Works
Blog of the National Endowment for the Arts.

Barbara Lefcowitz Poetry
Author blog with reprints of poetry—and prose too, despite the name—plus notices of publications and events.

Barrelhouse Blog
"Random thoughts on music, movies, television, bubblegum cards, Mr. T, the importance of the movie Roadhouse, and whatever else we argue about after we've had too much beer." From the editors of Barrelhouse Magazine.

Beaten Biscuit
Poetry blog of Bryce Myers.

A blog on art and inspiration by Joan, a DC-based writer, painter, and photographer.

Bernadette Geyer
Entries on poetry and motherhood, from Bernadette Geyer, the author of What Remains.

Between Gods
Blog on writing, reading, and publishing from poet Donna Lewis Cowan.

Blog This Rock
The blog of Split This Rock Poetry Festival. Covers the intersection of art and politics.

Blood and Gutstein
Blog from Dan Gutstein about "lost and found classics," commentary of books, exhibitions, performances, and music, old and new.

Bookish Lady
A blog on bookbinding and letterpress printing fom Moira McCauley of DC.

A Certain Slant of Light...
Blog on literature from poet Chris Conlon.

Chap*Books and Book*gasm
Short reviews of chapbooks on the first blog, and general obsessional bibliophilia on the second, from stevenallenmay, publisher of Plan B Press.

Chez Robert Giron
This "house" contains "random thoughts about life, books, art, film, music, and theatre" from Robert L. Giron, the publisher of Gival Press.

Chicks Dig Poetry
"Occasional postcards from DC poet Sandra Beasley..."

Cloudy Day Art
Poetry blog by Will Brown. Also contains good links to poetry news stories on other sites, and poetry podcasts.

Daily Drafts
Poems-in-progress from Minnie Bruce Pratt, former U of MD professor, now living in NJ.

DC Books Examiner
Blog from Will Grofic on literary events in DC, hosted by The Examiner newspaper.

DC Poetry Examiner
Blog from Joshua Gray on poetry events in DC, hosted by The Examiner newspaper.

"Culture=Arts=Politics=Living," from Michon Boston, playwright and filmmaker.

Ecstatic Doggerel
"Dactylic diversions and random rants" from M.C. Allan, a Takoma Park-based poet and magazine editor.

Enchilada's Blog
"Poetry. Music. Art. Random Thoughts" from Gregory Luce.

E. Ethelbert Miller writes about poetry, politics, and local culture.

Field Recordings: Art and Culture in Rural America
Scott Whitaker posts on artists who live on the Delmarva Penninsula and issues that face artists living outside of metropolitan regions.

First Person Plural
Hosted by the Writer's Center, an independent literary center in Bethesda, MD, this blog covers center events, classes, news on teachers and students, and the like.

Fred Joiner's Weblog
News and musings on hip hop poetry, African American literature, and local DC politics by poet and artist Fred Joiner.

From the Catbird Seat
Blog on poetry and literature from the Library of Congress, edited by Rob Casper and Peter Armenti.

Ghost Brain
Blog from Rod Smith, editor of Edge Books and the literary journal Aerial.

Advice on writing from fiction writer Hildie Block.

Blog on navigating the life of a freelance writer and editor, from Kristen King of Ruther Glen, VA.

Intersections: Poetry with Mathematics
Blog of poems with mathematical themes, edited by JoAnne Growney of Silver Spring, MD.

Joseph Ross
Reflections on poetry, culture, art, and politics, by Joseph Ross.

Julie Enszer's Blog
Postings on poetry, politics, and culture from Julie Enszer.

Blog from poet Charlie Jensen.

Blog from poet, playwright, and painter Kyi May Kaung includes lots of information about Burma, as well as notes on her readings and workshops.

Lally's Alley
Michael Lally's "take on all things cultural, political, spiritual, and aggrandizing"

Latino Poetry Review blog
Reviews, poems, and news about Latino authors across the US, sponsored by Letras Latinas (housed at Notre Dame University) but written by local poet Francisco Aragón.

Literary blog focused on DC, with events, profiles, reviews, essays, reflections. Edited by Robert Waxman.

Looking Toward Portugal...
Steven B. Rogers' Random Notes from the Edge of America.

Library of Congress Blog
Their motto: "Light and liberty go together." Posts on the library's vast collections, events such as readings and films, conservation, history, and more. Written by Matt Raymond.

Madam Mayo
Entries on books, creative writing, literary translation, Mexico and Washington DC, human potential, soundwork, and pugs from writer and translator C.M. Mayo. Lots of guest bloggers, Friday blogrolls, writing exercises, and more.

Mama's Mouth
Blog on motherhood, writing, and "speaking up, for sanity" from Jessica Haney.

Matthew Kirschenbaum
A blog about the intersection of literature and media, by an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Maryland.

Miles David Moore
"Various thoughts and observations from, to, for, or against Miles David Moore" sponsored by Scene4 Magazine.

Each April, Maureen Thorson coordinates National Poetry Writing Month, a challenge in which participants write a poem a day, and post them online. This site links all the poetry blogs together.

No Tells
Blog of the press No Tell Books. Includes press news, interviews, reviews, and more.

A Note from Mel
Blog from Melanie Henderson, poet, visual artist, and fourth-generation Washingtonian.

Notes on the Writing Life
Notes from Richmond-based poet and novelist Jayne Pupek.

The Old Hag
Book reviews and literate commentary, written by Lizzie Skurnick.

Perpetual Folly
Cliff Garstang's blog of literary news and opinion.

Political Bookworm
Blog on political books from Steven Levingston of the Washington Post

Postcard Life Stories and Dear Everybody
Michael Kimball, Baltimore-based novelist, offers postcard-sized biographies. His second blog is devoted to literary goings-on and writing generally.

The Rambling Epicure
This food blog has regular poetry features, with local poet Christina Daub editing.

Read Street
The Baltimore Sun's literary blog.

Reb Livingston's Next Phase
Blog from Reb Livingston, co-editor of the web journal No Tell Motel.

Renegade's Blog
Only the most important subjects: poetry, poker, and the Steelers, from Joel Dias-Porter, aka DJ Renegade.

Savvy Verse & Wit
Critiques, reviews, editorial hints and insights from Serena M. Agusto-Cox.

Scattered Light and Shiva's Arms
Two blogs from Cheryl Snell. The first features the author's poetry and visual art; the second her fiction.

The Steiny Road to Operadom
Blog by poet and librettist Karren L. Alenier on the making of American operas.

32 Poems Magazine Blog
Poems, news, and personal commentary from Deborah Ager, co-editor of 32 Poems.

Verse Magazine Blog
Book reviews and web-exclusive poems from the literary journal based in Richmond, VA. Also has a regular feature of "recent and recommended" books of poetry.

West Virginia Writers Blog
Information on calls for entries, competitions, workshops, and more for WV writers. Edited by Eric Fitzius.

Words Matter
Blog from Abdul Ali, a DC-based poet.

Work in Progress
Blog by novelist Leslie Pietrzyk, on all things writerly, from new recommended publications to discussions on the writing process.

Workin' the Word
Blog sponsored by The Word Works, Inc. Includes information on publications, readings, workshops, and more.

The Writing Corner
Blog on politics and culture from Newport, VA-based poet Beth Wellington.

You, Madam, Are No Sei Shonagon
Blog from Jocelyn, a book-loving Navy wife recently relocated from Japan to DC, that she calls "a fetid backwater of my own narcissism."


Last update: 10/8/11
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