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Other Web Sites Devoted to DC-Area Poets (current and former)



Henry Adams
Harvard Square Library site includes a bio, photo, and one poem from the author of Democracy and The Education of Henry Adams.

John Quincy Adams
The 6th US President published a posthumous book of verse, Poems of Religion and Society. First site sponsored by the Library of Congress, second, which includes two poems, from the Harvard Square Library.

Leonie Adams
2 sites on a former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1948-49). First site, from the Academy of American Poets, provides a photo and bio. Second site contains a bio and 4 poems.

Kim Addonizio
Photos, bio, books, readings, workshops, interviews, blog, links, and contact info on a DC native and author of What Is This Thing Called Love and The Philosopher's Club. Second site, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation, includes a photo, bio, and 8 poems.

Deborah Ager
Bio, photo, and links to poems, by the editor of the journal 32 Poems.

Conrad Aiken
2 sites on the former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1950-52). First site, from the Academy of American Poets, contains a photo, bio, and bibliography. Second site, from the Poetry Archive, reprints 8 poems.

Sandra Alcosser
Photo, bio, 4 poems, and links on the author of A Fish to Feed All Hunger and Except By Nature, who was born in DC. Sponsored by the Academy of American Poets.

Karren Alenier
Five poems on the Poetry Magazine web site. Second site is about the opera for which Alenier wrote the libretto, "Gertrude Stein Invents a Jump Early On." Alenier is the author of 3 books of poems and President of The Word Works, Inc.

Elizabeth Alexander
The author of Body of Life and The Venus Hottentot was raised in DC. Academy of American poets site provides a photo, brief bio, 3 poems, links. The Poetry Foundation site provides a photo, bio, and 1 article.


Kwame Alexander
Photos, bio, books, upcoming events, and more from the author of Dancing Naked on the Floor.

Lewis Grandison Alexander
DC Public Library's Black Renaissance site includes a bio and 7 poems by this DC poet, actor, director, and costume designer.

Nancy Allinson
Bio and 3 poems by the President of the Federal Poets.

Mary Clemmer Ames
Wikipedia page on the journalist and poet, active in Washington, DC in the 1870s and 80s.

Drew "Droopy" Anderson
Photos, bio, calendar, 4 poems, and links.

Renee Angle
Four poems, sponsored by the DC Poetry site.

Francisco Aragón
Photo, bio, publications, links by the author of Puerta del Sol and editor of Momotombo Press.

Barri Armitage
Bio, photo, reviews, poem, and ordering info by the author of Double Helix. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Joseph Auslander
Bio and bibliography on the very first Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress, who served from 1937-41.

Naomi Ayala
Photo, bio, and four poems, by the author of Wild Animals on the Moon. Sponsored by In Motion magazine.

Ed Baker
Links to poetry books, plus visual art, by the author of G oo dnight.

Baltimore Literary Heritage Project
A fascinating project of the University of Baltimore School of Communications Design, this web site offers bios, line drawings, a driving tour, and more. Authors featured include such poets as Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Francis Scott Key, Ogden Nash, Frank O'Hara, Lizette Woodworth Reese, and Karl Shapiro (along with information on additional Baltimore novelists, playwrights, and nonfiction writers).

Baltimore Literary Scene Notes
An essay in the Winter 2007 issue of the Loch Raven Review by Dave Eberhardt and Dan Cuddy that they call "A Short Collaborative Tour, 1964 - 2007" gives a great overview of Baltimore writers, mentioning such poets as Clarinda Harriss, Sam Cornish, Daniel Mark Epstein, Josephine Jacobsen, Blair Ewing, Joe Cardarelli, David St. John, Chezia Thompson-Cager, Gary Blankenburg, Michael Fallon, Rosemary Klein, and Barbara Simon, among others.

Holly Bass
Bio, photos, video, and upcoming events from a DC poet and performance artist.

Roberta Beary
Bio, books, sample poems, links by the DC-based author of The Unworn Necklace, who writes largely in haiku and haibun.

Sandra Beasley
Poems, bio, photos, blog, links, and announcements of local poetry events by a DC-based poet. Second site from Wikipedia.

Anne Becker
Photo, bio, and information on writing classes from the author of The Transmutation Notebooks and Poet Laureate of Takoma Park, MD.

Mel Belin
This website has many poems, illustrative graphics and audio, as well as a gallery, bio, photos, links, interests, upcoming events, activities. This site also includes a wonderful full-fledged series of French-related web pages, called "All Things French," filled with Gallic-oriented literary and other materials. From the author of Flesh That Was Chrysalis.

Stephen Vincent Benét
This Pulitzer-prize winning poet (for John Brown's Body, in 1929), was born in DC. First site reprints two poems. Second gives a good biography and bibliography.

Gwendolyn Bennett
Photo, bio and links on the poet and visual artist active during the Harlem Renaissance, who taught at Howard University. Site from the Academy of American Poets discusses Bennett along with other women writers of the period as suffering from the "Double Bind" of being both female and African American. DC Public Library site includes a bio, photo, and information on her papers in special collections.

Donald Berger
3 poems and bio by the former Poet Laureate of Takoma Park, MD, and author of Quality Hill.

Rei Berroa
Photo, bio, events, classes, and links, by the author of Libro de los fragmentos and Los otros.

Ambrose Bierce
Photo, bio, and 6 poems by the author of The Devil's Dictionary and former DC resident, sponsored by The Poetry Foundation.

David Biespiel
Photo, bio, and 2 articles, by the author of Wild Civility and former area resident, sponsored by The Poetry Foundation.

Big Sllim
Poems, music, visual art, links. bio, and contact info.

Elizabeth Bishop
Bio and 5 poems, by the former Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (1949-1950), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. Second site, from Modern Amerian Poetry, includes photo, bio, bibliography, selected correspondence, essays on poems, book jackets, and links.

Star Black
Video of Black reading 2 poems, sponsored by Poetry Vlog. Black is the author of Waterworn and October for Idas; she is based in NYC but was raised in DC.

Toni Blackman
Bio, photos, writing, music, upcoming events by the founder of Freestyle Union.

Beny Blaq
Bio, photos, mp3 tracks, upcoming performances for the poet-in-residence at Busboys & Poets Shirlington.

Richard Blanco
Web site on the former DC resident, author of Directions to the Beach of the Dead. Includes photos, bio, books, links.

Dean Blehert
This site, which also includes visual art by Pam Blehert, has great graphics, and some very useful other features. In addition to printing his own poems, Blehert, author of Please God Make Me a Famous Poet or At Least Less Fat, also includes selections by 30 guest poets, including Mel Belin, Sunil Freeman, Brandon Johnson, Hiram Larew, Miles David Moore, and Hilary Tham.

Louise Bogan
Photo, bio, and 12 poems by the former Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (1945-46), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. Second site from Modern American Poetry includes photos, bio, essays on poems, 9 poems, links.

Jules Boykoff
7 poems, sponsored by the DC Poetry web site.

Dennis Brezina
Artwork, bio and poem.

Sean Brijbasi
Reviews, novel excerpt, and ordering information on a poet and fiction writer from Silver Spring, and author of One Note Symphonies.

Joseph Brodsky
Photo, bio, poems, nonfiction, and the poet's Nobel Prize for Literature acceptance speech, by the US Poet Laureate from 1991-92. Sponsored by the Nobel Foundation.Wikipedia page includes photo, bio, bibliography, and links.

Gwendolyn Brooks
Photo, bio and 22 poems, by the former Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (1985-1986), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. Second site, from Modern American Poetry, includes photo, bio, essays on poems, book jackets, and links.

Celia Brown
Photo, bio and 4 poems by a former DC resident and author of Mending the Skies.

Sterling A. Brown
Site sponsored by the Academy of American poets features a photo, short biography, selected bibliography, web "exhibits" and 3 poems (one of which is hooked to audio). DC Public Library site includes bio and awards.

Laura Brylawski-Miller
Poem, review, and bio on the author of The Snow on Lake Como. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Nancy Naomi Carlson
Bio, photo, reviews, and ordering info by the author of King's Highway. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Jimmy Carter
The US President is the author of Always A Reckoning, and Other Poems. Site sponsored by the Library of Congress.

Charisse Carney-Nunes
Bio, poem, contact info, listings of upcoming readings.

Kenneth Carroll
2 poems, sponsored by Seeing Black, by the author of So What!: For the White Dude Who Said This Ain't Poetry.

Grace Cavalieri
Poems, interviews, bio, audio, and more by the author of Sit Down, Says Love, and Pinecrest Rest Haven. Grace is the host of the acclaimed radio show, "The Poet & The Poem from the Library of Congress. "

Cheryl Clarke
The author of Experimental Love and Humid Pitch was born in DC. She now lives in NJ and is Director of the Office of Diverse Community Affairs and Lesbian-Gay Concerns at Rutgers University. This site, sponsored by the Academy of American Poets, offers a short bio and photo.

Carrie Williams Clifford
Wikipedia page on the women's and civil rights activist, and author of two books of poetry, Race Rhymes and The Widening Light. DC Public Library site includes bio, photo, bibliography, and one poem.

Lucille Clifton
Former poet laureate of MD, and author, most recently, of Blessing the Boats. The first site, sponsored by the Academy of American poets, contains a short bio, photo, links, and 5 poems. The second site, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation, includes a photo, bio, and 19 poems.

Michael Collier
Poetry Foundation page includes bio, biblliography, 7 poems. Collier is the author of 5 books of poems, most recently Dark Wild Realm, directs the Breadloaf Writers' Conference, and teaches creative writing at the University of Maryland.

Billy Collins
Photo, bio, and 25 poems by the former US Poet Laureate (2001-03), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. Second site links to poems, books, and recordings.

Merle Collins
Wikipedia page on the author of two poetry books, Because the Dawn Breaks and Rotten Pomerack, as well as 3 books of fiction. Collins is a Professor of Comparitive Literature at University of Maryland.

Christopher Conlon
Bio, poems, fiction, and non-fiction by the author of Gilbert and Garbo in Love and A Matrix of Angels.

Geraldine Connolly
Bio. photo, and 5 poems by the author of Province of Fire and former DC resident.

Caresse Crosby
Photos and bio of the poet and editor of Portfolio, a DC literary journal of the 1940s.

William Waring Cuney
DC Public Library site includes bio, bibliography, and one poem.